Rakhi- The Sacred Thread

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With the rich cultural heritage, Bharat is rich in her valued traditions. Festivals form a big part of these traditions. “Raksha Bandhan” is one of the popularly known festivals. It’s a symbol of love between brother and sister. It’s not merely a ritual but an occasion to express the feeling of love, care and a promise to help whenever a sister would be in hardship. It is celebrated all over the Bharat.

On the occasion of “Raksha Bandhan”, markets are decorated few days earlier with different types of colorful Rakhis and various kinds of sweets. Some sisters make rakhis themselves but generally buy from the market with sweets for this festival. Brothers also buy presents for their sisters. From the small children to the older brother-sister celebrate this festival whether they meet physically or the sister mails the Rakhis if her brother is at far place.

On this festival, Sister and Brother get together. Sister applies tilak on the forehead of her brother and then ties Rakhi on his hand praying for the good health,wealth and long life of her brother. In return, the brother promises to protect her in all circumstances. He also presents gift to her sister. The thread of Raksha Bandhan expresses and nourishes the mutual love bond between brother and sister. The Raksha Sutra is rakhi and the bandhan is bond i.e. love. It is love that binds, where the molecular force fails.

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In our country, festivals are not the means of hollow enjoyment but these impart a specific social message in our society. Society is nothing except a bond that binds every individual with love, affection and mutual respect. And festivals nourish its roots for a fruitful social tree.

Hope we would try to understand the meaning of festivals in their true sense and enjoy them from heart. The promise to protect must not be limited to only our biological sister. It should be a promise to every sister on this earth.
On this auspicious occasion, I want to wish all the brothers and sisters, a very Happy Raksha Bandhan.


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