Come out of your old comfort zone

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We strive for stability in each and every field we come across. Mind, in accordance with its very nature seeks for stability at minimum possible cost. The “stability” can be understood in terms of comfort that we want in every aspect of life. Our stability in various fields constitutes a comfort zone around us. This zone has no visible boundaries but it has its own feel. All the pleasure, simplicity and calmness we feel and confidence we have comes under only the comfort zone. The word “comfort” belongs to the domain of comfort zone. But all these depend on the size of comfort zone. Also, it is favorable to have a big comfort zone to lead a fruitful life.

Comfort Zone

    We feel comfort in the similar proportion of our own comfort zone. The key element behind this zone is courage. Smaller is the courage, shorter will the comfort zone. In other words, we can also say that the courage is the radius of comfort zone. An increase in this zone is called success. We have the key element, the courage in our hands to achieve any success whatsoever. Courage not only increases our comfort zone but other’s too who depend on us or follow us. Our courage towards every aspect of any situation determines the success and forms a new comfort zone.

By the time, this zone starts shrinking due to the attacks of foreign invaders (unfavorable circumstances). So we should strive to strengthen it in every possible manner. To live in a ready-made zone that our parents built for us is not a big deal. But to make them feel comfortable to rebuild and enlarge that zone is appreciable. Therefore, we must try our best to cross and reform the older zone. Those people, who understand this fact and take the pain, would be the big names of their time. The science is struggling continuously to make the people more comfortable to help the mankind.

     In short, I want to convey:

 “Come out of your old comfort zone to make it large


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