Protecting Cow

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Cow protection is the central theme of Bharat. Cow is known as sacred animal among Hindus, the major community of Bharat. Being the kindest and gentle animal of this universe, it also nourishes the human beings as it provides milk as food. It has nourished the generations of human beings. It allowed the hunter- gatherers to settle down and become civilized during the course of civilization. Its male progeny have shown their usefulness in agricultural fields and as a means of transportation for a long period of time. It acted as a symbol of health and prosperity for our nation. But it is also true that it has not escaped from the ill mindset of some people. They are still indulged in the cruelty of slaughtering cows just for their taste. They are still out of civilized society.

To protect cows from the heinous crime done towards them, our constitution provides an instrument in the form of Directive Principles of State Policy. Article 48 of the constitution states,” the state shall endeavour to organize agriculture and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines and shall, in particular, take steps for protecting and improving the breeds, and prohibiting the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle.”

In tune with the “Directive principles of state Policy”, Haryana Legislative Assembly passed the “Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Bill 2015.”According to this bill, the slaughter of Cow and its progeny is prohibited and there is a punishment of upto 10 years with a fine from Rs. 30,000-1,00000/- for violating this. Also, the killing of a Cow for self defence or in an accident does not come under slaughter. There is a ban on sale of beef and exporting a Cow out of the state where Cow slaughter is not banned. Despite the commendable step of the assembly, some people are criticizing the move by saying that it is the violation of the Fundamental rights and risk on Secularism.

Although some people who were in the profession of slaughtering of Cows and in the leather industry will somehow affected by this move, but they have a best alternative to domesticate Cows for milk. Since the milk of Cow is much better than the beef and nourish the human body, it must be promoted. It would be economically viable.

Some people are claiming that the beef is a cheap source of protein. These people are just spreading the rumour. They must know that the beef is not cheaper than the grass. It is well known fact that red meat has its risk of cancer. The milk on the other hand is very rich source of various nutrients and micro nutrients. It can feed millions of stomach. The Cow dung is also a cheap source of manure and also very useful for the production of Bio-gas. Also, Cow urine has its usefulness in treating various fatal diseases. The Cow and its progeny cannot be said to be useless even if they cease to breed or to do work as they continue to give dung till death.

At least by understanding the economics related to its usefulness, we should protect Cow and welcome the move of the assembly. It is in the harmony of the nation to not to kill the holy Cow anymore. The scientific aspects of Cow protection must be concerned and the sick mentality of cruelty towards the Cow should be treated.