Holi Eve: Relevance of Holika Dahan

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Fire is connected with the whole life span of the human beings. From the very basic needs like food to the specific needs like electricity ,fire plays an important role. The eve of Holi is also connected with the same. The people of India jointly organise a bonfire in an open place for Holika Dahan. The inspiration to give up all our evil traits is induced through this celebration.
The holi is celebrated every year on Phalgun Purnima. It occurs somewhere between month of mid february to mid march. On the evening before one day i.e. on the Holi Eve , people collect useless woods and dung cakes of Cows and Buffalos for bonfire. This is known as Holika Dahan. It's a ritualistic practice followed all over the India, mostly in the northern region.
The Holi is associated with the mythological story of king Hiranyakashyap. According to the story, the king was so cruel that he did not allow anyone to worship God. He used to kill everyone who worshipped God. He had declared himself the God of his empire. But his son,Prahlad did not accept this. The demon king tried to kill his son many times. But his son remained safe by god grace. Then he decided to burn his son with the fire in the lap of his sister Holika who had given a special shawl by the Brahma, which had the power of not burning in any fire. So, on the order of her brother, she put on the shawl and sat with Prahalad in her lap in the fire. But the God Vishnu again saved Prahalad and Holika died due to burning. This way, the Holika Dahan is the victory of good over evil.
The bonfire of Holika Dahan has a scientific reason too. The while environment around us is prone to viral infections in winter season. With the introduction of Spring season, the burning of dung cakes destroy all sorts of infection and thus ensure our well being.

 The real motive behind every festival is to celebrate it by keeping its soul alive. In Holika Dahan, whatever the odds in us should be burn down and accept all the things which are beneficial for the society.But some bad practices are still continued on this occasion. Some people cut down trees for burning in Holika Dahan. This is very bad practice followed in many places in India. Since our forest reserve is degrading and also from environmental point of view, these kind of practices should be avoided and make the people aware about this issue.

Festivals are our cultural heritage. These are celebrated with the groups of people forming a society. The Holi Eve induces a feeling of unity in our society. Also, the bonfire inspires us to give up all the evil traits and burn them in the blazing fire.


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